About Us

My name is Gay Martina and I have been studying Feng Shui since 1995.

I have also completed a Crystal Healing Practitioners course in order to improve my knowledge and understanding in this area.

I feel far happier, secure and more self-confident than I can ever remember. As someone whose life has been positively enhanced by Feng Shui, you can be sure that here at Planet Pa Kua I will only provide traditional Feng Shui symbols, cures and enhancements.

We will always aim to be competitively priced.

All advice will be based on traditional Chinese Compass School Feng Shui.

Our business is dedicated to the supply of good quality, competitively-priced products that will improve the lives of our customers.

Whilst a complete consultation takes time and research, many problems can be helped with general cures or enhancements.

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